Follow-up - 30-40min. Hair, Brow or Astrology Consultation

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This is a chance for us to connect and talk about your hair needs and ask any  questions, about Your hair or a deeper astrology soul question. After being on the journey, we grow in phases. So its great idea 6-12 most after to do Follow-ups This way I can serve and guide you as your grow. 

We will dive deep into the area that is most important in your Astrology or Hair for you currently! This assist you while you go through many phases as your grow.

For those who want to jump on a call and get down to the truth of something most needed for you life's Empowerment now!

 Hair Consults- A Follow-up is for those who have done the Full Hair Consult already.

Place- Skype: karencroney Beverly Hills - /LIVE CALL with Recording.

(Send your astrology Birth date, time, city and state) To:


In 30 minute I will answer all and any questions for you about your hair, health, and/or healing needs. A great session for those that desire bite size information or that have worked with me in the past.


Im looking forward to channeling your needs! 

I will contact you 24 hours after to set up our session  :)

                       (This offer will end August 1st)

Shipping and handling may take 2 to 4 weeks. Everything is made fresh upon order for your satisfaction.