Astrology Class- Theory/ Planets/ Signs/ Aspects and more! (Beginners welcome!)

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Beginners to intermediate  into advanced. (depending on what level you are currently.

*10-  (90 min). classes live with recordings.

*(15-30 min). 5- follow up calls ( based on class )

                   PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE  

☿ ♄  ☾ YOU WILL LEARN- Western Astrology/ Evolutionary  ☽ ♅ ♃ ♀︎


1.) Intro/ Astrology Theory: What is astrology, where does it come from, how does it affect us. 

2.) Sun signs-  What they mean and how they relation to other signs (relation)

3.) The Planets- How do they affect us, what are their expressions and meanings.

4.) Aspects-  What do they mean, what do they affect in our life themes.

5.) Star-seeds - How do they affect us and why we are connected to certain ones.

6. )Astroids, particularly Chiron- What do our Chiron wounds say about us? How do we find resolve?

*( I specialize in Chiron Healing as its part of my Dharma and offering to the world. Theres is much confusion about Chiron. You will get clarity and proper tools. )*

7. )How to read  an Astrology Chart - tie everything together on all you have learned.

8.) Natal Chart - Grow and Learn through your Natal Chart thoroughly. Understanding your Soul Print.  Here we will also focus on North Node Astrology and Dharma. Also for you personally, incase you are wanting to be a professional astrologer. Will will discuss this in the first class.

9.) All through the class you will be writing specific questions down. We will go over those answers and dive deeper into the entire class.

10.) Test- This will involve you taking what you've learned and doing an astrology chart reading for me. This can be any chart of your choice and the way your read is not expected to be professional ( depending on current astro level) Its more about connecting the dots and understanding Steps 1-9

Astrology Certificate:  You will receive an astrology certificate 30-60 days after test. 

Everyone learns differently. This will be taken in consideration in the way I teach you :)

By the end you will know how to incorporate astrology into your life and the life of others.

 I look so forward to delving deep into the world of the planets and stars with you one on one! Working one on one allows us to include your astrology as well while your learning! 

--I will be back fully in Sept 10th and will hold Group Astrology Classes for beginner/ Intermediate (with certification) and Also Intermediate/ Advanced (with certification) Group and Personal Astrology Class Oct.5th Weds. 3:00 Pst. for Group- and personal to be scheduled---

 (Payment plans are available) contact to discuss-




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