Astrocartography Reading

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Are you curious what planets are activated, where you are living, or relocating even where you are planning to travel? Its amazing to be aware of what planets are activated! For example if a Saturn line is running through where you are living or going to travel for rest or peace? You may learn more lessons with Saturn or feel restricted.

The way forward, as life is speeding up and as we traverse timelines, we are evolving at rates that we aren't even aware of yet! So Awareness is key. Knowing your astrocartogrphy is one way to be intentional about where your planning to travel or live. 

In this 60 min. reading we will discuss your current place of birth along with your natal chart and how you are being initiated through the lens of cartography. You will leave with clarity around you current living place, where you are planning to re locate or travel. It is amazing to search out where your Dharma meets your best planets for love and abundance! After we meet live for this reading, you will leave with a recording as well, you can reflect back and make your plans with intentions, awareness and wisdom!

I can't wait to read for you! If you have any questions ?


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