Astrology Intermediate/Advanced Class- Personal

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Advanced class will go deeper into..

1. Chart Reading -Short review of begin./intermed. chart reading review, Introduction to advanced chart reading.

2. Astroids- how they affect the planet and us

3. Stars seed Astrology 

4. Degrees - more advanced "aspects" and "degrees".

5. Relationship- synergy

6. Predictive astrology

7. Chiron- Wounds/ Healer Dharma/ North node.

8. Q & A- One of my personal favorite class! Interactive

9. Test Prep- Review and additional Astrology integrations.

10. Test Day- Pick and "astrology reading" chart of your choice to read to me. Plus Written test. The Reading part is wonderful and growthful for your reading style development. I will be guiding you along to give your the confidence as I guide you into your natural style of reading charts. The Written portion will be in Silence. You may use your notes. 

11. Certificate- you will receive within 30 days from text.



Fell free to reach out with any questions you have about this 1 on 1 Personal 90 min. per class Astrology Advanced Class. 310-922-2342

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