Astrology Reading- Recorded

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I will delve deep into your birth chart reading, it will consist of a thorough Natal detailed reading. As well as "Key Themes" this lifetime and North node focus.

I wanted to keep this really simple but also to let you know you can switch this natal reading to gear or focus on certain ares, for example: full North Node, Chiron, Soul print themes, Solutions to Chart and/or delve deep into a certain house, planet or challenge. 

I have been reading charts to thousands of client over ten years and I've become very good at interpreting astrology! So I love Reading Astrology and channeling the Stars and the planets so that is why I offer this to you.:)

Feel free to reach out 310-922-2342 by a text and then we can get on a short call with your questions.

Shipping and handling may take 2 to 4 weeks. Everything is made fresh upon order for your satisfaction.