Cleanse / Beautification Program

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Join us as we share together our cleansing protocols and rituals starting on September 6 on the new moon in Virgo.

Virgo rules purification, so it’s the perfect time to begin a cleanse.

This is just inspiration to cleanse and which ever way that you choose. We don’t have to cleanse for the whole time strictly but we must continue some kind of cleansing ritual or practice.

i’ll be sharing my Rituals a Regimens and programs during a two week period starting September 6 again.

I will be creating emails as well as a Facebook page for all of us to join with just us!! we all can share what we’re doing and learn together as we create better health and purify our bodies so that we can go into this new year in the most healthy beautiful way!

i’ll be sharing special beauty potions that I use to improve my skin my eyes and for hair of course!

join us as we share the beauties and practices and rituals that it takes to become a better Us 🤍🍃


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