Spiritual Astrology Webinar

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These live and recorded Webinars are designed to help you navigate though more of the astrology and what it is asking from us. 

Each month, weather it’s every month or every few months, I invite you to join me while I dive deeper into the spiritual aspect of how why and what the planetary alignment is even something that you might pay full attention to.

This is a way for me to give more in depth, like I do in my astrology sessions but with a group. I will give you a deep dive and tools to help you navigate, heal, and align to your natural design and alignment on your purpose here.

Every Month will be a different experience depending on what  is happening. This is for the spiritual and astrological enthusiast ! 

Once you've went ahead and purchased through this link, you will be sent an email with all the info and a link to where you will Join in. 

The first one will be Oct 12th at 3:00pm pst. Please Subscribe on the home page to get updates on all dates to come as well as get a one time 15% off on all readings or webinar or products. 

I am so looking forward to share my spiritual feminine  way and guiding you all through the stars and sky’s ✨

Thank you for existing 🙏🏽🌞🌍

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