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Karen regrew my eyebrows to perfection! I had her come on set of "Bold and the Beautiful" to share her skills with my personal make-up artist as she sculpted my brows. I was amazed that during the process of regrowing my brows she still managed to create beautiful shape and camera ready brows! I also love her Brow Treatment and Brow Stay. She is very skilled and I highly recommend her for anyone in the public eye or if you just want your brows to look amazing!

Katherine Kelly Lang - "Bold and Beautiful" actress

I started Karen’s Blue Rose treatment at the end of May 2014. I love the Blue Rose products so much! They have completely transformed the texture of my hair. My hair now feels like it did when I was younger before I ever started coloring my hair and getting layers. It’s so soft! I think it’s amazing how fast your hair grows using the products, but then I’m not surprised considering the high quality raw ingredients that Karen uses in them! I bet my hair would be to my hips by now if I didn’t get a trim. I’m so excited to continue this journey & see how much better & longer my hair gets! Thanks Karen for all you do! For those who think the products may cost too much for you, it’s crazy how much it grew in four months!!....

Lauren C.

Karen is extremely talented and has a keen eye for art and beauty. She has been doing my brows since I was a teen (about 17 years!) and I only trust her when it comes to shaping my eyebrows! Her beauty products are amazing too. They reflect her passion for perfection and her knowledge of natural beauty products and care. The Regrowth Eyebrow Treatment is the best ever. It is the only product that I have ever used that has kept my brows thick and shapely. Karen is one of a kind and I highly recommend her services and products! Blue Rose Repair Hair Treatment...love it...great for hair growth and beautiful texture, protection and hydration.

Jacqueline De Leon

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