What My Clients Are Saying

Karen Regrow My Eyebrows to Perfection! I had her come on set of "Bold and the Beautiful" to share her skills with my personal Make-up Artist as she did Sculpted my Brows. I was Amazed that during the process of regrowing my brows she still managed to create beautiful shape and Camera ready!. I also love her Brow Treatment and Brow Stay. She is very skilled and I highly recommend her for anyone in the Public eye or if you just want your Brows to Look Amazing!

- Kelly Kathrine Lang

Karen's service and products have changed my life. Years ago I met Karen, in Beverly Hills and she has transformed my Eyebrows into their best potential. Her products are so raw and pure that it hydrates each and every follicle into reaching its full potential of growth. I went from thin uneven eyebrows into beautiful full eyebrows. Brow~Stay and her Brow Treatment are an essential for any woman's brows! Both these products have helped tame and nourish my Eyebrows with all natural ingredients! Her theory on Brows isn't "take take take" (like most eyebrow specialists) Instead she focuses on your features as an individual to what look would suit you best. It truly is an art and Karen has mastered it! It can be a guide for every woman. So many options out there and we don't know what to choose. You should have your own magazine! It doesn't get any better than Karen! You truly are a beauty guru. I can't wait for the world to be able to use your amazing natural products. Thank you for finding all the solutions to my beauty needs, from a dry scalp to eyebrow regrowth. Blue Rose© Hair Treatment is perfect for all hair types. I use it every few weeks from root to tip and you can see the results of Shinier tamed hair. When you use it as a part of your regimen your hair will grow fuller and Lay in its Natural State Beautifully! It's pretty unbelievable!  Anytime I feel my scalp is dry I use her Scalp Formula. Not only does it nourish my scalp but my hair as well. I noticed that my scalp was very dry which concerned me to the point that I visited a doctor. She prescribed me many different topical medications, none of which worked. It actually made it worse. I was left desperate for a solution. I then told Karen of my problem and she told me she had the perfect remedy. I was hesitant to believe that all natural ingredients could fix such a problem. After just one use I could already see the results, my scalp was clean and nourished and hydrated. Love both those products and can't live without them. You've transformed not only my eyebrows but my hair with your products and expertise. I wish only success for your endeavors because it is very well deserved.

-Paris Keredian


I have to say, its been less than a month and I believe using your Blue Rose ReGrowth and Repair Works!! And I am just in gratitude because of how much my hair is growing! Less than a month! Wow...


- Stephanie Singh


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