I was born into the industry. My earliest memories were the hair shows my mother put me in. I was utterly fascinated with the way in which hair and makeup transformed the way we look. At age 14 hours would pass sitting at my vanity table as I became mesmerized at the reflection of a simple brush stroke or a strain of hair placed just the right way. It was art to me. It was a way to illuminate natural beauty and when friends came to me in curiosity I provided that reflection for them. One in particular fueled my infatuation. She came to me in tears over the difficult, natural texture of her hair and as she stood there admiring my hair it warmed my heart so deeply that I agreed to style hers. On impulse and without any experience I cut and styled her hair and when I saw her smiling back in the mirror I knew this was my destiny.

My passion for beauty transformed throughout my early years as I became inspired by modeling and wound up going to Baltimore University, MD, to learn how to walk and present myself. At age 18 I began modeling and doing makeovers for local photographers. One woman I styled, a make-up artist and agent, felt I organically inherited the skill, “You are a natural; you need not attend school for what you already have.” Curious by what I didn’t know, I attended Von Lee International School of Aesthetics in Pikesville, MD. The experienced emphasized my natural ability, exalting my love and diligence in styling and modeling work as I traveled to Jamaica and the Virgin Islands and California for shoots. Modeling blended into contests and at age 21 I won my very first bikini competition! One came after the next and eventually I was approached by Bikini Open, a national contest company televising winning participants from all over the nation. Utterly grateful, I gained recognition as winning Bikini Open had me featured on Regis and Kathy Lee, The Arsenio Hall show as well as Current Affairs among a few. In 1989 I was honored to win and be crowned Miss Georgetown 1989 at the Pageant held in Virginia Stat. I believe it was my edge in hair design and makeup that influenced my win. One of the judges in the Pageant had been a photographer for Playboy Magazine. Unknown to me, the photos he submitted perpetuated a call from Playboy Magazine offering to feature me. Though complimented, I declined in modesty.

Already linked to a modeling agent, I began castings in LA. I also spent 3 years working as a Stylist for People Magazine among other freelance jobs. I’ve had the opportunity to style countless models as well as celebrities such as Eddie Murphy, Nicole Kidman, Tracy Ullman, Mario Van Peebles, Glen Frey (of the Eagles), Tupac Shakur, Lonnie Anderson, Meg Ryan, Pat Benatar and Mariel Hemingway to name a few. I appeared as a dancer in the film ‘Nothing But Trouble’ alongside Tupac Shakur. On set I had made memorable lighthearted moments, in particular the casting call for a movie with Dan Aykroyd. I was first in line and in complete amusement when he announced, “She’s the one!” and though someone from his crew brought to his attention "Dan she's the first one, there are many outside the door waiting". He replied "Send them home! She's the one"! I was both sympathetic for the other woman in line and deeply flattered with the response. This began our friendship and inspired an introduction with Paul Mitchell after a night out on town. I was familiar with him primarily through the use of his products but after being formally introduced by Dan we hit it off. He inquired my address and a week later his products were at my door. These are moments that have shaped my experience in profound and memorable ways and I am honored to be sharing the memory of them.

Eventually my experiences organically shifted into a more spiritual journey. I was called off grid to explore my inner world and align to a deeper sense of my purpose. I understood I was always following my path as influencing others to feel their best and illuminating their beauty was my gift. When I turned 27 I supported my passion with education in Earth Biology, Nutrition and Chemistry at Biochemics. When I became pregnant I navigated to self-study for the following 10 years and have never stopped. I continue to have an insatiable desire to learn as my curiosity is perpetually peaked in the realm of the natural world. After birthing my first of four, I rented a space in Beverly Hills to work freelance in the cosmetic and makeup industry.

 My passion blended into curating design and sculpting eyebrows. I shifted from make-up to full time eye brow sculpting as my clients interests heightened. I naturally applied the Maya Theory of re-growth and re-sculpting to celebrity clients such as Nicole Kidman, Lionel Richie ("I love Karen's Eyebrow Products! I keep them in my car and in the fridge"), Tracy Ullman, Katherine Kelly Lang and Demi Moore just to name a few. Like a flow of divine creativity I took my knowledge to paper and began writing, channeling through teachings in the method of brows. One of my students is now becoming a master in the Art of Brows herself! The future of eyebrow sculpting is a timeless creation of our imaginations.

 It was during my 20 years in the Beverly Hills Salon that ignited a passion in organic, biodynamic ingredients. As I worked with clients over the years I began to understand the need for quality nutrients and hydration in designing eye brows and working with hair. I found myself advocating for natural modalities and eventually in a lab formulating products. I researched and tested each individual ingredient to understand the pure alchemical effect of its healing ability. I became my own R&D and grew my hair ankle length! This was the basis in creating the perfect Long Hair product line. I sold exclusively and began showing my line and speaking at the Raw Living Expo in 2014. This is when I created my online sales channel, my dream to sell worldwide so everyone could know the method to long hair. I expanded to skype Hair consults for woman and men around the globe.  When I met Herb Gray Dogan III we discussed how his company could market my cosmetics at an even larger scale.


It’s my truth that everything is an expression of energy, active and alive. Being that hair ‘reacts’, to me, means it can be repaired. With this, I treat hair energetically and as biochemically conscious. As an intuitive channel I dive deep into my hair’s intelligence, along with others and begin communication. This means that not only is hair alive and in communication with us it is telling us exactly what it needs. In the purest way, I grew my hair ankle length and healed it from chemical and heat damage. As my hair healed and grew I too had a transformative inner journey of growth into an intuitive world of energetics and nature. It was this experience where I adopted the “Maya of Hair Intelligence” and the very reason for consciously choosing the ingredients I did. I believe that the key to Hair's Intelligence lies within the earth and that the biology of Hair can be best imitated in and by Nature. I also meld in the truth of proper nutrition to support the body and encourage the use of nutrients to benefit the inside as well as the outside. The careful way that I choose and blend these ingredients builds the hair structure, targeting each perspective of hair, such as the follicles, oil glands, hair shaft, and epidermal layers. This is the formula for regrowth and repairing hair. Once hair is repaired it will radiate a natural healthy style void of any external products or tools that often create damage.

In the creation of my line, it was with simplicity in mind that I decide to create the protocol. I believe the key to great hair is encouraging it’s natural productions in a daily regimen, the potency of the purest earthbound ingredients as well as an awakening of communication and connection between the energy of you and your hair.

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