This in part is the story of my Hair Journey and My Passion for Hair.

Hair has been my passion for over 25 years. People often ask me why...

When I was about 6-7 years old my sister and I caught lice from someone at school. My mother tried her best to get them all out of our hair but it was very challenging for her.

She decided to cut our hair to make it easier. I sat there waiting my turn as my sister began crying her heart out. She really loved her hair at that time because it was long and beautiful. (She's also a hair dresser now) I felt so deeply hurt watching her so sad. By the time my mother got to me she decided to cut my hair into a boys cut, very short! I was known to hold my feelings in at that time and was quite a Tom boy. Honestly I think I felt worse for my sister or Perhaps there was a deep Set sadness that I didn't allow to surface and maybe this has been my fascination and inner drive to make others now loosing their hair happy and grow it back.

In 1990 I began to grow my hair as long as it could go. After about 10 years it was to Ankle length!

During that 10 years I studied Biology Earth Science and literally began to make friends with each and every ingredient. I would take one ingredient and only use it for a year just to get to know it from every angle. I realize now I'm a true Alchemist. But then, it was pure fascination to grow my hair the fastest! I was on a mission haha.

Finally I took my friends (ingredients:) and blended them into what I thought would give me the best chance at Strengthening, Growing and having the Healthiest Hair ever!

It took me about 5 years and then I realized I had Magic ✨🌱 This is when I began to give it to my clients to test and their results were outstanding! Then I realized the only way I could continue was to sell this so I could make bigger batches and get it to more people.

For this last 12 years I have been focused on becoming a business woman. My desire and fascination to get my product out to as many people as possible so they could feel at peace with their hair and finally find what works!

This in part is the story of my Hair Journey and My Passion for Hair.

And this is why when someone called me a Hair Shaman years ago, it took to it. I am by nature a Shaman. I'm also ask a lot why Shaman.

I only know my deep relationship to all living things and that the title "Hair Shaman" picked me.



Karen Croney