Brow Sculpt or Consultation- 60 min. includes Teaching remote or Sculpt in person

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 "Your Face will literally look 35% better!! " - Charlene

Have your Brows sculpted by Karen in person. Her Artistry is catered to improve your beautiful face.

You can also get an Eye Brow Consultation, and ask anything about your brows, regrowth, or learn to scalp yourself! I will Teach you how to Sculpt and Beautify your Eyebrows!! 60 min. exp. 20 years of Brow Sculpting in Beverly Hills Salon.

Karen is an artist with faces!  She uses "Maya Theory" which is a way of seeing deeper into the facial features. This method allows creatively sculpting eyes brows to improve facial features. It's like a face lift!

Specializing in EyeBrow Regrowth, Sculpting (Brow Artistry)

Shipping and handling may take 2 to 4 weeks. Everything is made fresh upon order for your satisfaction.