Hair Health | Astrology | Healing Consult Programs ☆

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3- Package for Sessions:

1. Hair  Consult / Astrology- Reflecting your natal chart we discuss how it's affecting your hair. We find your personal solutions and ,protocols and regimens! I will give you a deeper awareness about your hair intelligence.

2. Health Astrology-   through the lens of your chart, we will find your healing, alignment and balance into thriving. 

3. Astrology- We will explorel your astrology chart and elevate you in knowing yourself and your healing and growth.

* You can supplement any one of these Consult with my "Beauty Youth Secrets" Consult. 

I will teach you everything you will need to know about your Hair, Health/ Healing, Natal Astrology chart, and how your chart can give us real solutions.


Join me in a deep dive, in a 90 Day journey where we uplevel your Beauty inside & out!

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