Astrology & Cleansing

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3 lives- 3 Days  on Fb page! - Zoom Meeting 

We will get together as a group live for 3 Days

I will teach you tricks and speak ways to cleanse ame how it relates to astrology.!!

I have done every cleanse you can imagine for many years! So my experience with cleanses and Health and how it shows up in our Chart!!



A Notebook

3 Days of your favorite veggies and fruits!!

3 Days of Cleansing or mushroom Tea - 

3 Days of Mountain Valley Spring Water in Glass bottles.


This will be fun and we I’ll have discussion groups on my fb page: Hair Intelligence


I am so excited to teach you all my cleansing ideas, and to do this cleanse together while we learn about astrology in the body and heal as we go through this Cleanse together!