Chiron Course - Starts July 3rd

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This  Chiron course will help you to understand the basics of astrology and how to understand astrology so that you can go deeper into the understanding of Chiron.

Even if you are not well versed in astrology,, you will get a good understanding of astrology and how to read natal astrology charts.  

This Teachings are based on Western Astrology and Evolutionary Astrology, it has a strong under tone of esoteric and spiritual based in my over 10 years of experience.


1. Astrology Theory/ History

2. Astrology Signs/ Houses

3.  Planets/ Aspect's

4. Chiron

5  Chariklo

6. The Natal Chart and Chiron 

7. The Natal Chart and Chariklo

8. Review and Questions 30 min. Test 30. min.



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