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 90 minute call on Skype-  User Name: "karencroney Beverly Hills"

    ( You get a recording after of our full reading. )

A "Chiron Reading" is about diving deeper into your wounds from childhood and even deeper into past lives. It's a ceremonial session, a sacred space to explore and heal and understand these wounds we've carried for life times. All this so we can sculpt our way into the meaning of our life and therefor, move more aligned in our Dharma/ Our Personal Life's Journey and reason.

What to except after a Chiron Reading, is a clarity about your direction towards your Dharma. A Healing that's allows your soul more understanding in your personal needs based on those wounds and a release through a deeper understanding why we carry these very specific wounds. There is something so beautiful realized that why can finally validate these wounds and understand the validness of them.

This Session is a very interesting Technique that wasn't learned in a book. It is something so deep through Karens' Shamanic Healing Journey and healing her own wounds and stepping fully into her Dharma and her thousands of clients.

She has the ability to channel the higherself and allow this to flow through the sessions, so its not her opinion, or brain  but rather the space beyond that allows true alignment and a channel of a persons wounds and a clear way to help them heal and find the tremendous beauty and purpose in why their soul has experience these wounds. 


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