Group Astrology Class beginner/ intermediate

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Astrology Sessions/Class 25% OFF. Until May 31st  🌏 🪐 Hold your spot now.
(limited 10 students)

Astrology Certificate:  You will receive an astrology certificate with in 30 days after test. 

Everyone learns differently. This will be taken in consideration in the way I teach you :) For Personal Class we will use your personal chart. / Pairs well with Personal Astrology Sessions.

Group Class is wonderful! All questions summited or in the chat will be answered! You will be learning how to ready your chart and will test by reading to me another chart of your choice, as well as a written test. 

By the end you will know how to incorporate astrology into your life and the life of others.

 I look so forward to delving deep into the world of the planets and stars with you one on one! Working one on one allows us to include your astrology as well while your learning! 

I will be back fully in Sept 10th and will hold Group Astrology Classes for beginner/ Intermediate (with certification) and Also Intermediate/ Advanced (with certification) Group and Personal Astrology Class- Oct.5th Weds. 3:00 Pst. for Group- and personal to be scheduled

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